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RS Order Tracker App

RS Order Tracker App


  • Track orders/opportunities
  • Create Items/Products, order line items
  • Generate Invoices, track payments
  • Manage product inventory
  • Track customer service tickets/cases
  • Track Expenses

With this app you can track your orders/opportunities similar to standard opportunity tracking. You can also create Items/Products and add line items to your orders, estimate the close date, the amount, calculate the total of the order from the line items. Track sales stage, shipping status, billing status. Track product inventory. Generate invoices and record payments to track accounts receivable. Track customer service tickets/cases. Track expenses. This app gives you similar functionality to other salesforce editions out of the box functionality and more! Install and use with license.



  • 30 day free trial
  • $5/user/month
  • You can cancel anytime.