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RS Forms – Website Forms Integrated with Salesforce

RS Forms – Website Forms Integrated with Salesforce
  1. RS Forms allows you to create cool website forms that can pull data from Salesforce to pre-populate forms and then submit them into Salesforce.
  2. You can setup forms for something as simple as a contact form or as complicated as some electronic signature of something or a wizard with multiple forms.
  3. The Estimator Wizard we built is using RS Forms.  It sends all the data back into Salesforce and emails you automatically the PDF estimate.
  4. RS Forms is just application.  But we have an Enterprise account and as a service we can build web forms for you and host them for you.  Using FormAssembly is pretty easy like Salesforce is easy to configure, but a lot of people still end up needing help from a consultant to configure things.  So we offer RS Forms to help reduce your cost for setting up web forms.
  5. You may also pay for a user login so you can setup and manage your own web forms using the FormAssembly control panel.
  6. You may also decide to get your own account.  We can still help you setup your processes and web forms as a service.  A professional edition of FormAssembly is required to do salesforce integration which costs $59/month.  With professional you can insert information in Salesforce when you submit a form, but you cannot get information from Salesforce to pre-populate a form.  That requires Enterprise edition which costs $250/month.


  • $320/year for hosted forms. (not per user).
  • $620/year for user login to manage your own forms.

Get an Account / Activate:

  1. First install the Salesforce App into your salesforce org. Click Here to Install.
  2. Once installed an email will be sent to the user who installed the app with links to activate your account.

If you need help with getting activated email .