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RS Alert – Salesforce SMS and Phone Call Workflow Alerts

RS Alert – Salesforce SMS and Phone Call Workflow Alerts


  • Send SMS Text message alerts from Salesforce workflows
  • Send Phone Call alerts/messages from Salesforce workflows
  • Dynamic SMS Text Messages and Phone Call messages
Get Started:
  1. Install RS Alert salesforce app into your org.
  2. Request an RS Alert test account.
  3. We will setup a test phone number for you and email to you.
  4. You will also receive an email with a link to activate your RS Alert account when you are ready.
  5. After you get your test phone number you can record it in the RS Alert Phone Numbers object for reference and test out the app following the Documentation here.


RS Alert app for Salesforce is an app you can use to setup SMS text message alerts and phone call messages from Salesforce workflows.  This allows you to automate sending SMS and phone calls just like you can send emails using workflows.  The text message and the phone call recording can be fully dynamic.  You can dynamically indicate which phone should get the alert and what message they should receive.

The app works by setting up a standard Salesforce workflow using Outbound Message to the app.  So you can configure any workflow for any process or reason.  This makes it highly customizable.  For example you can setup a salesforce workflow to send an SMS text message to the customer’s mobile phone when the Shipping Status field on the Opportunity is changed to Shipped.  The SMS message could include their order number and tracking number provided in fields on the Opportunity.  Or have the system call the phone number and with a computer voice they can read a message like “Your order number 48372 has been shipped.  Your tracking number is 82823839082″.  That is just one example of what you can do.  Just read the documentation on how to configure the app.  And if you need assistance with configuring a process we can provide that as an additional service at our hourly rate.  Contact Us


  1. $5/month/local phone number
  2. $6/month/toll free phone number
  3. Starting at $0.05 per call minute
  4. Starting at $0.05 per sms