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Request RS Alert Account

Request RS Alert Account
Fill out the form below to request an RS Alert account:

First Name (required)

Last Name (required)


Email (required)

If you want an account now or later, do you want a local number or a toll free:

If Local phone, what area code:

To Connect your RS Alert account to your Salesforce, provide the Salesforce login you wish to use for the integration. Best practice is to use a dedicated API only salesforce user for integrations, but you can use any Salesforce user.

Salesforce Username

Salesforce Password

Salesforce User Token (If you don't have your token, go to Salesforce, Setup, My Personal Settings, Reset My Security Token, click the button to reset it, and you will be emailed it.)

Salesforce User Id (Go to Setup, Manage Users, Users, click on the User for the integration, and copy the 15 character Id value in the url just after and before the ?)

Additional Notes (if applicable)