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Custom Quickbooks to Salesforce Sync App

Custom Quickbooks to Salesforce Sync App

The Problem:

  1. We have implemented quickbooks sync with Salesforce for many clients and with many apps.
  2. Most apps have certain features you can setup for a sync.  This is a great option if the features that are available work for your needs.  But many times this limits what you can do and you can hit a wall and be forced to settle for a less ideal process.
  3. All apps also have ongoing licensing costs.  You will typically pay someone like us for customization and setup to start using the app, and then pay licensing costs for the app ongoing making the total cost of ownership much higher.

Our Solution:

  1. We have developed an on premise application to facilitate Salesforce to Quickbooks sync that we call RS SF2QB Sync.
  2. This is a full program that communicates directly between your quickbooks on a computer in your office and your Salesforce.
  3. No third party database or software in between.
  4. No ongoing licensing fees!
  5. This application pre-programmed for a typical sync between Salesforce and Quickbooks.  We can then modify a copy of the program to customize the application for your exact needs.  We don’t need to work around a limited wizard or UI to configure a sync, we can just work the direct code to do what we need your sync to do.
  6. We will install your copy/version of the application on your computer and configure to connect to your Quickbooks and Salesforce.
  7. Then provide you with some instructions on starting and maintaining the sync.


  1. ONE TIME license fee for application is $2000.
  2. We charge our Hourly Rate for customization and deployment.  Average hours needed are 10-40 depending on how much customizations are needed.
  3. You get the rights to use this application for your business only.  You cannot distribute or resell it to anyone.
  4. Support is charged at hourly rate per hour as needed.