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Salesforce Solution Architect Job Remote

Salesforce Solution Architect Job Remote
We are looking for an experienced Salesforce Solution Architect to work full time remotely based out of the USA preferably.

If you would like to work with a team that is awesome at what we do and in the top talent of our industry and carry this same attitude or desire to be then consider joining our team.

What we are looking for:

  • Salesforce solution architect.  This is someone who communicates with the business client directly about their needs to improve or implement salesforce and design a solution for them.  Create a project spec, estimate the hours of development, then manage the project development by assigning the development tasks to other people on our team, and keep the client updated on the project hours and timeline and status, and then review and quality test all development, and review and train the client.
  • Work remote from your home office or from any office.  Does not matter where you live.  Preferably you live in the USA and/or work on USA timezone and can travel within USA easily to meet with clients.
  • Experience with implementing and optimizing Salesforce is required.  Complete knowledge and experience with many aspects, concepts, features of the Salesforce platform.  Also knowledge and experience in data migrations, salesforce integrations, web development, email marketing, and online credit card processing is a plus.
  • Process improvement mind is important.  You should be creative and always have a mind for efficiency and a desire to question processes and seek to improve them for our clients.
  • Knowledge of business processes is important.  An education or experience in business management, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, operations, etc is important to be able to understand your client, their needs, and speak their language.

We are based out of New York City, but our team is all over.

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