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Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce System Integrations Specialists

Salesforce System Integrations Specialists

Specializing in System Integrations in the Cloud


We believe it’s important to integrate all systems to try to have everything in one system for better visibility and efficiency.
  1. We integrate Salesforce CRM with other web apps and programs.
  2. Integrate Salesforce with Quickbooks
  3. Sync Salesforce with your back office software
  4. Integrate Salesforce with your website
  5. Integrate Salesforce with your online e-commerce software
  6. Automatically sync data from some 3rd party software into Salesforce
  7. Sync your web application with Salesforce
  8. Integrate email marketing software with Salesforce
  9. Sync other CRM applications with anything!

We are Experienced!

  1. We have worked with so many different programs and applications.
  2. We have learned countless API’s and SDKs
  3. We know many different strategies and technologies for implementing complicated and creative integrations.
  4. When everyone else can’t figure it out, we can!
Tools We Use
  1. Salesforce Data Loader
  2. Salesforce Web Services API
  3. Automated custom web scripts
  4. Jitterbit
  5. DB Sync for Quickbooks Sync with Salesforce
  6. Intuit Quickbooks Salesforce Connector
  7. Cazoomi for Mailchimp to Salesforce
  8. Chargent for Credit Card Processing in Salesforce
  9. Salesforce for Social Media
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Salesforce for Outlook
  12. Google Maps API for geolocation in Salesforce
  13. And many more apps from Salesforce AppExchange