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Pardot Implementation Services

Pardot Implementation Services


We specialize in Pardot implementations as one of our services.

We have worked with many email marketing and business automation platforms and Pardot is the best solution out there.  We are not only experts in the Pardot platform, but also have experience with other services that are related.  We are highly experienced in Salesforce CRM, business process improvement, website design, email template design, data migrations, SEO, SEM, and email marketing.  We will focus on what you actually need instead of charging you for a package that may include things you don’t need.  This way we can get you up and running in shorter time and less cost.

Our Standard Pardot Implementation Costs $5,775

We estimate 33 hours for this project and charge $175/hour

We also offer a Pardot Quickstart Package for $1925 geared towards people who need quick setup and mostly training.


Typical Pardot Implementation Project Includes:


Project Management
  1. Review Pardot requirements
  2. Confirm Project Plan
  3. Gather deliverables needed including templates, server access, etc.
Technical Setup
  1. Implement website tracking code to track visitor activity
  2.  Create vanity tracking domain for branded Pardot hosted links
  3. Implement email authentication for best email deliverability
  4. Configure email IP addresses
  5. Configure applicable connectors like Google Adwords, Analytics, Social Media, etc.
Salesforce CRM Integration
  1. Install Pardot Salesforce app
  2. Add Pardot fields to Page Layouts
  3. Configure Single Sign On (SSO)
  4. Map fields for Salesforce and Pardot sync
Pardot Marketing Setup
  1. Email Templates
  2. Landing Pages
  3. Website Forms / Form Handlers
  4. List Segments
  5. Automation Rules / Drip Campaigns / Marketing Automation
  6. Engagement Studio
  7. Scoring
Training & Support
  1. Train admin how to use Pardot and configure email templates, list segments, send email campaigns, and automation rules.
  2. Provide ongoing support and help with additional configurations as needed.
Other Services We Offer
  1. Wave Analytics for Pardot implementation
  2. Import data
  3. Email Template Design
  4. Website Design
  5. Campaign Design

Pardot Implementation Project Estimator Wizard

All Pardot Implementation projects include Project Management which includes confirming Pardot requirements and gathering deliverables.  Every project also includes the basic technical setup including website tracking code, email domain configuration, vanity tracker domain, IP address whitelisting, and Pardot connectors.
We will install the Pardot app into your Salesforce, add the fields to the page layouts, map the fields to sync with Pardot, and configures Single Sign on for your users.
Building email templates in Pardot is pretty easy and they also have some standard templates you can use. You can provide us with HTML and we can create the email templates for you or you can give us the text and we can use a standard email template. Or we can help design email templates for you. It's good to at least get 1 or 2 email templates setup with your general style then you can clone those templates to make other ones on your own.

You provide html or we can use standard Pardot templates.  We can estimate for designing email new email templates as well.
Landing pages in Pardot is a unique web page built for you to use typically in an email campaign. For example an email that has a button to Learn More can go to a special webpage setup to give more information and maybe a form to collect information. This allows you to cater the information very uniquely to the campaign and also track specific traffic to this page. If you would direct people to your normal website then something like this would not be needed.

With Pardot you can setup a drip campaign or any type of email marketing automation based on events. For example someone fills out a form of interest then an email automatically goes out 1 week later. And a second one another week later. Or if the person you sent an email clicks on a link in your email, then can trigger another email based on them clicking on that link because they seem to be engaged and showing some interest.

Web forms in Pardot allows a visitor to enter information into a form just like this form you are filling out now or like a Contact us form. We can setup these forms in Pardot to help track the full life of the visitor of emails received, links clicked, web pages viewed, then filling out a form.

In Pardot you can create different lists of subscribers/emails. Maybe one list for Customers and another list for Prospects. You can also create Segments in your lists. For example maybe all your customers that are in California or that have an interest in a certain product you sell. Lists and segments allow you to organize your customers/prospects/subscribers and send targeted emails to them.

Wave Analytics provides next level reporting and dashboard for your Pardot data. You can create custom dashboards and reports that don't already exist in Pardot.

A dashboard element is a graph, data point, bar chart, or something displaying on your dashboard that is made up from a single report/query.

How many hours would you like to budget for training just on Wave Analytics. If you just want to know how to view it and navigation and make basic modifications then we suggest 3 hours. For more training on how to configure we suggest to start with 8 hours.
Training and Support Hours
We will train you how to navigate Pardot and viewing Pardot information in Salesforce. Then how to send email campaigns, modify email templates, segment your lists, and manage users. We suggest budgeting 3 hours for this type of training with a little time left for followup questions/support. However we can give additional training on other topics and for as much as you need. You can increase the hours here as desired to adjust the estimate.
Other Services We Offer: 
We can also help with lot more services that is hard to estimate in a form.  Feel free to talk to us if you need any of the following services:
  • Salesforce consulting & development
  • Website design and development
  • Advanced email template design
  • A/B Testing in campaigns
  • Marketing campaign design
  • Logo Design
  • Data Import
Pardot Implementation Project Cost Estimate
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