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Dynamic Website CMS in Salesforce

Dynamic Website CMS in Salesforce

THE Client’s GOAL:

This company was selling individual websites for each type of business in each local city in the United States to provide small businesses with a simple website and some advertising opportunity on this directory type website.  They were manually creating each website manually by copying a previous one and changing content.  They also needed a specific set of marketing emails that would go out to prospects for this service over the trial period and to process credit card recuring payment for the subscription service online.


We developed Salesforce as a Content Managment System where we created fields so that all the information that would be displayed on each website came from the Account record.  We used Salesforce Sites functionality to create a fully dynamic website with keyword friendly URLs for each business profile website and utilizing dynamic content.  This made it very easy to control the content of the websites considering that they were marketing to 40 different types of businesses to every city in every state.  When it came time for payment an email was sent to the prospect with a link to click on unique for them to activate their website and enter their credit card information.  Once entered the credit card was authorized and charged automatically and the status automatically updated in Salesforce from Trial to Customer which also made their website automatically live on the internet.