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Documents & Electronic Signatures

Documents & Electronic Signatures
Specializing in auto generating documents in Salesforce and implementing electronic signature processes!
Generating Salesforce Documents
  1. Save a LOT of time by generating your merged documents automatically in Salesforce.
  2. We are pros at developing those cool or complicated proposals, statements of works, contracts, any document.
  3. Merging data dynamically from Salesforce records onto PDFs, Word documents, Excel.
  4. We can create the automated processes and custom buttons to auto email or fax out documents in Salesforce.
  5. We are experts in using RS Documents, Conga, or Drawloop for Salesforce.
  6. We can hack those quote templates for use of quotes or something other than quotes.
Implementing Electronic Signatures
  1.  Now that your document is generated automatically, lets get it signed quick and paperless using electronic signature process.
  2. We are a huge fan of making your office paperless and improving efficiency in getting agreements signed!
  3. We can implement electronic signature processes with RS Signature, Docusign or Echosign for Salesforce.
  4. We have also developed customized electronic signature processes which can be more efficient and more branded.