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Bringing Your Business to the Cloud

Bringing Your Business to the Cloud
Ramsey Solutions specializes in bringing your company to the cloud.

Cloud IT is the newest, most modern trend in IT.  This concept has proven itself and is becoming the norm for all companies to run their information technology and processes in the cloud.

Why Move to The Cloud?

  1. Everyone has access to all the information anywhere they are.  On their computer at work, at home, on their laptop, on someone else’s computer, at an internet cafe, on your mobile phone, on your ipad or tablet.
  2. Information is real time and in sync.
  3. Collaboration is much easier.
  4. You can focus on what your business does instead of managing hardware and software and infrastructure.
  5. Downsize or eliminate your IT department.
  6. Cut major costs in software and hardware.
  7. Integrations with thousands of other applications and services to run your business.
  8. Extremely flexible and agile technology to adapt to ever changing business processes and needs.
  9. Much faster to develop and go live.

How Can We Help?

  1. We are of the new generation and understand the connected cloud internet world we live in.
  2. We understand these technologies deeply.
  3. We understand business processes.  We live and breath process improvement for any business.
  4. We will perform a deep business process review to learn your business and goals and analyze the best structure and strategy to manage your processes in the cloud utilizing Salesforce CRM or other technologies.
  5. Or just give us a task and we’ll develop and implement it.
  6. We will breakdown the tasks and provide a detailed spec and provide estimated hours for each task so you can greenlight and approve for development.
  7. We will develop, implement, and test the functionality.
  8. Then provide a review of the system and training.
  9. And continue to provide on doing support.
  10. We aim to develop a strong relationship with you to provide you with creative smart solutions for your IT needs to continue to assist in optimizing your business processes utilizing cloud technologies.