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Salesforce Quickstart Package

Salesforce Quickstart Package

The most cost effective Salesforce Implementation

$700 / 1-15 days

  • This is designed for someone who can retain information fairly quickly if shown and needs help to get started then can maybe use help resources available for next things or ask us for help later. 
  • Designed to get you quickly started with basic customizations and training focusing on the most used features and needs we have seen with clients. 
  • Training is a crash course to give you an idea.  Depending on your learning curve you can pick up quickly or continue to read /watch training resources or get more training from us.

What Is Included:

  1. You will have one 4 hour remote screenshare session with one of our Salesforce Consultants.
  2. You get to decide how you want to spend that time, but we have a suggested outline below.
  3. The session will be recorded and a link provided for you to download for future reference.

Suggested Session Topics:

  1. Reviewing your business process
  2. Showing the Salesforce platform and capabilities
  3. Making modifications to the platform to fit your business process needs like
    1. Creating custom fields
    2. Creating custom objects
    3. Creating custom list views.
    4. Creating reports and dashboards
    5. Creating users, profiles, sharing rules, security permissions.
    6. Creating workflows and validation rules.
    7. Modifying page layouts
  4. Train how to modify and use the system:
    1. Using the system, navigating
    2. Chatter
    3. Creating fields and objects
    4. Modifying page layouts
    5. Modify tabs
    6. Permissions, Profiles, Security
    7. Creating workflows, validation rules, reports, dashboards.
    8. Tracking activities
  5. How to learn more using documentation.

If You Need More?

  • The Quickstart package is designed to get your feet off the ground and wet.
  • You can potentially from there start effectively using Salesforce or be able to continue modifications and setup yourself.
  • We can always assist more after this session.
  • Use Our Salesforce Project Estimator Wizard to get an instant estimate.

How to Prepare for the session:

  1. It is recommended that you have your Salesforce org before you start with us.  You can have a Trial of your own or already paid for your licenses.  If you are not sure exactly what edition to get and want to discuss this we can do that and in the session have you signup for the Trial during the meeting.
  2. Outline in a simple but detailed enough way your business process.  Flow charts, a simple document outline, spreadsheets, etc.  Anything to easily and quickly describe, show, or demonstrate how you do business and potentially what your needs are for running your business using Salesforce.
  3. We do no recommend having really long documents outlining long language about your business.  We need to be efficient and get to the point.
  4. Have any current systems, spreadsheets, tracking systems ready to show.
  5. Create a list of the features, processes you think you want to implement.  Hold topics and conversations that you know are unrelated to potential Salesforce usage.

Ready to Schedule Your Session?

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Make the deposit payment.
  3. Schedule your remote session with our scheduling tool for a time that works for you.  Conference line and screenshare link are included.