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Pardot Quickstart Package

Pardot Quickstart Package
We offer a Pardot Quickstart package to help you get started with Pardot with minimal investment.

The Pardot Quickstart Package is designed to help quickly get you up and running with Pardot.  We will guide you through the required steps and help get all the initial technical configurations completed.  Then we focus on providing you with training sessions where we can train you on the topics that are important and relevant to you.  We can also do some configuration during this live remote sessions.  The approach is more about training someone on your team who will learn Pardot and is comfortable to do some configurations on their own after getting some guidance.  We offer custom implementation packages and also just charge by the hour if you need more than this quickstart package.  We offer a lot of related services such as data migration, salesforce consulting, email template design, website design, and campaign design.  To create an estimate for a custom Pardot Implementation project go here.

Our Pardot Quickstart Implementation Costs $1,925
  • We budget 11 hours for this project and charge $175/hour.
  • 4 hours is reserved for the technical setup and Salesforce integration.
  • 7 hours is dedicated to live remote sessions for review, training, and live configuration.
  • Full Payment for this project is due up front to get started.
  • All hours must be used within 3 months.


Pardot Quickstart Package Includes:


Project Kickoff Session
  1. After you sign the Statement of Work and make the deposit we can start the project.
  2. We will email you a document with information about the Pardot implementation with some questions to help expedite the project.
  3. You will fill out this document.
  4. You will provide us with administrator access to Salesforce and Pardot.
  5. We will make the initial technical configurations and provide you with the instructions for your webmaster to finish the initial technical setup.
  6. Once these steps are completed we will have an initial project kickoff session for 2 hours to review any initial questions about Pardot, to get an idea of what is important to you for this project, and help you identify the next training topics and goals for the remaining sessions.
  7. During this session we should also configure any other applicable connectors like Google Adwords, Analytics, Social Media, etc.
  8. During this session we should confirm if all Salesforce users should be Pardot users and auto create them all or show you how to manage users.  We will also show you how to apply Pardot Salesforce permission set to your Salesforce users.
Technical Setup
  1. Implement one website tracking code to track visitor activity.
    1. We will provide the code and instructions so your webmaster can add to your website.
  2.  Create vanity tracking domain for branded Pardot hosted links.
    1. We will provide instructions to your webmaster to setup the subdomain on your DNS.
  3. Implement email authentication for best email deliverability.
    1. We will configure 1 email domain and provide instructions to your webmaster what needs to be configured on the DNS.
  4. Configure email IP addresses.
    1. We will provide information to webmaster what IP addresses you should whitelist on your email server.
Salesforce CRM Integration
  1. Install Pardot Salesforce app
  2. Add Pardot fields to Page Layouts.
    1. Only 1 page layout for Account, Contact, and Lead.
  3. Map new Pardot Lead fields to Account/Contact.
  4. Configure Single Sign On (SSO)
  5. Map fields for Salesforce and Pardot sync.
    1. We will map the standard fields and create and map up to 5 custom fields in Pardot.  No new custom Salesforce fields will be created.
  6. Connect Pardot with Salesforce with selected User.
  7. Perform the initial migration of Salesforce Leads and Accounts.
    1. Up to 100K records to be imported.
    2. A maximum of 10 validation rules on Leads, Accounts, Contacts to disable during the import and re-enable after complete.
    3. Note that your Salesforce records will get updated from this initial sync with Pardot information, and may trigger workflow rules, process builder, or triggers in your Salesforce org.  You must consider this and confirm when we can perform the initial sync.
Training Sessions: 6 hours (Remote)
  1. We will schedule with you 3 training sessions for 2 hours each max.
  2. 6 hours total for live training and configuration time.
  3. During the initial Project Kickoff session and reviewing the project documents you should select and direct the training topics that you would like to cover.
  4. We can provide you with training and also perform some configurations while on a live session.
  5. 1st Training Session Recommended Topics:
    1. Quick overview of Pardot general navigation
    2. Create an email template
    3. Create Lists, Segmentation Rules, Dynamic Lists, Internal Test Lists
    4. Viewing Prospects
    5. Prospect Scoring
    6. Send an Email
    7. Completion Action for email send: Adjust Score
    8. View Email Report
  6. 2nd Training Session Recommended Topics:
    1. Website Forms / Form Handlers
    2. Completion Actions, Automation Rules
    3. Engagement Studio, Drip Programs
    4. Dynamic Content
    5. Layout Templates
    6. Landing Pages
  7. We recommend to reserve the last training session for topics that you create or a question list after the first 2 sessions allowing you to spend some time to digest and get your hands on Pardot so that last session can really focus on what you want.
  8. We will not perform any complicated HTML coding during training sessions as this can take some time and is better done offline.

Get Started Now:

  1. Fill out the form below with your company and contact information.
  2. We will then email you an official Statement of Work for you to review and accept via e-Signature.
  3. Then make the deposit payment to get started.

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