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Hotel Front Desk, Bell, Valet, Operator Communication Program

Hotel Front Desk, Bell, Valet, Operator Communication Program

Hotel Front Desk, Bell, Valet, Operator Communication Program

Project Objective/Problem:

This hotel was having a breakdown in communication from the guest asking for a bellman and for their valeted car to be pulled up when they were checking out. The problem was the operator taking the information from the guest then needed to call a front desk, who was sometimes too busy to pickup the phone right away. The front desk would then communicate the room that needed the bellman to the bellman by writing the number on a sheet.

The other problem was the valet would bring up cars for checkout, but there was no guest there to take the car yet because they were waiting for the bellman to come get their luggage. So the valet would stop taking calls for cars and then the guest would have to wait for their car after they showed up with their luggage in the driveway.

Solution Developed:

This was one of the first technology developments I made and I used Microsoft Access. The software is outdated, but still the solution works well and highlights process improvement. Developed a communications program in Microsoft Access that helps communication between phone operators, front desk, bellman, and valet. This program decreased fallout in communication, increased efficiency in the time to communicate, and provided tracking methods and statistics.

Now the operator inputs the room for the bellman and the car number for the valet into a program. The room number pops up on a list immediately on a computer that the bellman can see and hear. Only after the bellman indicates on the program they they are on their way up to get the luggage does the valet car number get sent to the valet computer. This way valet is bringing the car up at the same time that the bellman is getting the luggage. Ultimately it has provided associates with a tool to better the guest experience.


Client Feedback:

This program provides a very easy way to create a constant sharing of information between departments. This program is still being used as a means to coordinate bell/valet efforts with the check-in and check-out of our owners and guests. It is extremely user friendly and easy to use. The application Travis created was ahead of its time and showed that with a little imagination and creativity we would could up the level of service provided to our owners and guests as never done before.


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