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Meet Ramsey Solutions

Not your average Salesforce Consultants, we excel in understanding business processes and goals and develop highly creative solutions.


We implement, customize, and integrate the Salesforce platform so your processes run smoothly.


We develop beautiful websites and applications using the most modern technologies.


We provide functional and cost effective apps to improve your business processes.

  • When you talk to us, you are talking to someone who actually understands what you need instead of a Sales Rep who sells you then hands you off to a developer.  Expectations are set clearly right up front.
  • We have a track record of using creativity and intelligence to improve businesses processes.
  • We have process oriented minds and the ability to understand your business goals.  We are not just techies.
  • We know so many different technologies, other than Salesforce, that we can use when coming up with creative solutions and work arounds to Salesforce.
  • We will cost less than other similar companies because we keep overhead costs down and therefore don’t need to pass those costs onto you.  We don’t have big offices or sales reps.  We automate processes.
  • We are willing to travel to where you are.
  • We are just available.  Phone, SMS, online chat, video chat all the time.  No set hours or days off.  We just make it happen.
  • We provide amazing customer service.
  • We are fast and efficient. No corporate slow turnarounds.
  • We can have a conversation without using “tech talk” to listen to what you want and explain things so non-techies will understand.
  • We communicate very well and will understand want you want.
  • We are smart and easy to get along with.  Casual but professional.
  • We are highly honest, fair, and ethical.  We expect the same in return.
  • We continue to find that we are in the top tier of Salesforce Consultants.  Some of the best Salesforce Consultants.  We actually solve problems.
How do we charge?
  1. We charge by the hour.
  2. We provide estimated hours the best we can based on your project needs.
  3. If we are going over an estimate, we re-estimate and get approval.
  4. We charge for actual time and are honest about it even if it is less than the estimate.
  5. Use the Project Estimator Wizard to get an estimate for your project instantly.
  6. We charge for our time which includes everything from communicating, managing, developing, testing, etc.  Anything you can do to help us be more efficient will save us time.
Development Philosophy
  1. We practice the Agile development methodology.
  2. Define what we know.
  3. Focus on the priorities.
  4. Phase projects and break them up.
  5. This allows for quicker deployment.  Get up and running and get feet wet, then fix and improve from there.
  1. We are honest, transparent, and communicate well.
  2. Estimates are provided via email for easy approval.
  3. Automatic email updates on status of project.
  4. Client portal is provided.
  5. Easy scheduling tool with our calendar links public and available.
  6. Dedicated conference lines and screnshare links for each consultant.
Typical Project Flow
  1. Scope project and try to define estimated tasks and hours.
    1. This is done in a short time (ie: 30 minutes)
    2. Via a phone call and screenshare or using the Project Estimator Wizard
  2. We deliver a Statement of Work (SOW)
  3. Sign the SOW, and make deposit payment.
  4. Perform a detailed Business Process Review (BPR) or detailed review of requirements with your assigned Solution Architect.
  5. The Architect will analyze the process, goals, learnings, and design a solution to meet goals and draft a “Design Document” (aka Spec) that explains the process, development tasks and confirming estimated hours.
  6. Client approves the Design Document or parts of it.
  7. We develop and test functionality from Design Document.
  8. Review and demo the system to the client.
  9. Train and roll out.
Our Training & Knowledge
  1. We are Salesforce certified and stay certified with new versions.
  2. Training program designed by me for the whole team
  3. An extensive internal knowledge base on all topics for the entire team and access.
  4. Shared experience and expertise across the whole team.
  5. We are constantly learning new things, new apps, and designing unique solutions/concepts.
  6. As we learn we add to our training program and knowledge base to share with the whole team collectively.
App Development
  1. From our vast experience working with clients and implementing other platforms and apps we have identified gaps where an app was needed or an opportunity to make something better or cheaper than others.
  2. We have a unique perspective and insight to design highly effective apps at very competitive prices.

How we work: The Modern Company

Meet the Team

We are a small team that have been working very well together for a long time. We are friends too. We are growing our team very slowly to maintain a good culture and quality. We are based out of California and New York with locals living in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York with other international team members from Uruguay, Holland, Romania, Croatia, Russian, and Ukraine.


    Travis Ramsey


    My business goal is provide excellent solutions and service to assist businesses in being better. And to do this as a freelancer to give me the freedom to live anywhere in the world so I can experience more this world has to offer and learn the best things and lessons from each culture.


      Carlos Ali


      I’m a native New Yorker. I’ve worked in both operations and sales but always with one foot in technology. The technology landscape fascinates me. It’s fast paced and ever changing just like my hometown. My goals are to make sure we run efficiently, grow our knowledge base, and provide you with awesome, honest consultation every time.


        Olga Shramova

        Marketing Manager

        I’m a perfectionist and I love making sure everything is done right and feeling proud about my projects. I’m good at picking on data and making sure it’s organized and clean. I believe that the future of the world is in the cloud and hope that one day paperless office will stop being a foreign concept for so many businesses.


          Kyrylo Shepetko

          Solution Architect

          I can’t imagine myself without technology ever since I first got introduced to it when I was a kid. After getting my degree in Information Security, I’ve kept helping people automating and improving their processes since 2010. My goal is to always ask the right question, then pinpoint the proper solution. Traveling around the globe and playing soccer helping me keep healthy work-life balance.


            Jenna Ramsey

            App Support Manager

            I’m a people person and love building relationships. My background has mostly been in the service industry and luxury hospitality. I like solving problems, being creative, and improving processes to be more beneficial for our business and customers. I’m passionate about traveling, learning about new cultures, and Mexican food.


              Aldo Fernandez


              My first toys were a screwdrivers kit and a Commodore 64 computer. Since then I’ve been related to technology. I got my degree in Engineering and Computer Science from UCUDAL in 2006 and published my first paper in the Workflow and Process automation area. In 2008, destiny put Salesforce in my way. Since then I live, breath, and think in the cloud.


                Csaba Jere

                Web Developer

                I’m a versatile software engineer from Székelyudvarhely, Romania.I am a seasoned developer who is well versed in different languages and technologies. SalesForce, JAVA, PHP, nodeJS, jQuery, CSS, HTML… you name it, I code it! I have worked on ArchiCAD and many web development projects throughout my career. When I am not working, you can find me on the soccer field or playing with my baby boy.


                  Andrey Antonov

                  Salesforce Developer

                  I am an implacable enemy of all bugs and inefficiency in the code. In my work I am a system integrator and I feel as comfortable with Salesforce and .Net, as a fish in the Don the river:) I’m also interested in video production and everything related to it: cameras, editing, color correction, post processing etc. I studied engineering, electricity, and automation, and worked on many industrial projects here in Russia.


                    Josef Ondrejcka

                    Solution Architect

                    I love turning problems into opportunities, and I receive my greatest reward helping clients achieve their goals. My prior work experience in Construction, Public Accounting, and Law give me many tools to help clients succeed. In my free time I love getting outdoors in the local mountains and ending the day with a local craft brew.


                      Antonio Grassi

                      Salesforce Developer

                      I got interested in computers by playing video games in the early 90′s. I consider myself an old-school, tech-agnostic developer. I’m not a technology geek, I have a love-hate relationship with computers, and I avoid gadgets as much as I can. When not working, I am offline, as I don’t need internet for my social network (except when I’m far!). I love nature, traveling and people watching.


                        Igor Tomilov

                        Salesforce Consultant

                        Since i got my first computer I was truly amazed by the power of technology. I have a background in aviation, but I’ve always been following the latest technology trends and that’s how I learned about Salesforce. While working as an air traffic controller in Ukraine’s biggest airport I’ve developed a sense of responsibility for every task I do and learned how to be productive in the fast paced environment.


                          Daniel Rogers

                          Solution Architect

                          I am part Business Analyst, and part Developer, located in Kansas City. I have worked in the technology industry for over 16 years and I am blown away by the improvements that the Cloud is bringing to the global economy. My passion is to help businesses break from the status quo and attain greater return on their technological investment. In my down time I enjoy taking theology classes, spending time in the local prayer room, and aspire to write my first book.